Wednesday , October 20 2021

Donald Trump on phone talks with PM Modi on the India-China border dispute, an important offer

The Central Government issued a statement on Tuesday (June 2, 2020) saying that US President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi discussed the ‘India-China border situation’. The Foreign Ministry said that when Trump called Modi, the two leaders also spoke on the Indo-China border situation. Trump also said that he would like to include India in the expanded G7.

Trump, while inviting Modi to the next G7 summit to be held in the US, also expressed his desire to expand the group’s scope to include other important countries, including India, according to the ministry. Let me tell you that last week Donald Trump had claimed that he spoke to Modi on the phone on the India-China border dispute. But sources in New Delhi said that there was no recent contact between the two leaders. Trump earlier in a tweet described the LLC’s position as a “fierce border dispute”.

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