Thursday , July 29 2021

Do you know why a cat’s bitten path is considered inauspicious?

Today our country has reached the moon but some ancient beliefs still persist in our society. The belief of auspicious and inauspicious is with us from a very long time. Such as sneezing before leaving for some work or cutting the path of cats, etc. But cutting the path of a cat is considered inauspicious. Everyone knows this, but no one knows why it is considered inauspicious. So let us tell you the root reason for this.
# Cutting the path of a cat is considered inauspicious only when the cat crosses the path on the left and goes to the right. It is believed that the cat’s sixth sense is very developed like a dog, so it knows the future events first.
# Cat is considered an important organism in science. It is believed that if a cat starts crying in the house, then some untoward incident can happen. Cats fighting among themselves is a sign of money loss and fighting with someone.
It is a popular belief that the arrival of a cat in the house on the night of Diwali is an auspicious omen. With this Lakshmiji comes home and money keeps coming throughout the year. If a cat gives birth to a child in the house, then it is also considered good.
# If you are asleep and the cat comes and starts licking your head, you can get caught in a government matter. Licking a cat’s feet is a sign of getting sick in the near future. If the cat jumps from above and goes away, then you have to suffer.

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