Friday , September 17 2021

Divyang Ankita’s father is ill, undergoing auto rickshaw treatment





New Delhi: Loops are no less than loops. This dialogue of the film Dangal fits right on a divyang daughter of Ahmedabad. Despite being a Divyang, she remained a family support by doing a job, but after the father got cancer, his world changed. The hospital started getting dizzy and due to prolonged treatment he had to take leave from his job. Due to which he had to lose his job. Due to this, financial distress started in the family. There was less money for treatment.

But instead of giving up, he learned to drive an auto rickshaw. She has been driving an auto rickshaw for the last several years to treat her father. She is probably the first Divyang Auto Rickshawwali of Ahmedabad. One such inspiring story is that of 35-year-old Ankita Shah from Ahmedabad.

Ankita said in the interview that, ‘Kaal center’s job used to get around 12,000 rupees per month but had to work hard for 12 hours. Normal life was going on, but when the father came to know about his cancer, the ground slipped under his feet. I had to travel from Ahmedabad to Surat repeatedly for his treatment and had difficulty in getting holidays. The salary was not much. So I decided to quit the job.

She adds, ‘That era was not easy. It was difficult to maintain the house. I was sorry for not being able to help my father’s treatment. So I decided to do something on my own. Interviewed in many companies. But for the corporate people, his disability was becoming troublesome. In such a situation Ankita started driving auto. Ankita said, ‘I learned to drive an autorickshaw from my friend Lalji Barot, who is also a Divyang and runs an autorickshaw. He not only taught me to drive auto but also helped me get my customized auto, which has a hand-operated brake.

Today Ankita earns 20 thousand rupees per month by driving an auto for 8 hours. She wants to start her own taxi business in future.

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