Thursday , October 21 2021

Dinesh Karthik better than MS Dhoni, this former captain said this

New Delhi: Even after the ex-captain of the Indian team, MS Dhoni (MS Dhoni) is out of the field, their discussion continues continuously. It has been said from the very beginning that MS Dhoni (Mahendra Singh Dhoni) does not do wicketkeeping like the rest of the wicketkeepers around the world, but now a former captain has compared MS Dhoni to the former of Team India. Wicketkeeper Dinesh Kartik and has even said that he liked Dinesh Karthik more than Dhoni. 


Former Zimbabwe captain Tatenda Tybu has said that Mahendra Singh Dhoni has a different technique of wicketkeeping and batting, but his eye-hand combination and mental strength make him who he is. “The first time I saw MS Dhoni if I can honestly say that. He was playing with India-A team,” Tatenda Tybu said on the YouTube channel of fan play sports ruler ‘Inside Out Bags’. I felt that Dinesh Karthik was a more natural player than MS Dhoni. And they are more natural in keeping. He is also more natural in batting. The former Zimbabwe captain said, “The way MS Dhoni holds his hands is different, he does not keep his hands together, as he is kept, both by sticking small fingers.” When he catches the ball, his hands are not always like this. Even after the different techniques, Dhoni catches the catches and spreads the gills in the blink of an eye.

Tatenda Tybu said, but MS is always successful in catching the ball and bringing it to him fast which is a different technique..which is quite different. The former wicketkeeper said the same thing applies in his batting. He has a different technique, his eye-hand combination is superb. But I think it is not just the combination of the eyes and hands, but also their mental strength. The former Zimbabwe player said that he has learned a lot from India’s great batsmen Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid about how to train.

He said, usually if your method is different then the coach asks for change, but the figures prove everyone wrong. Asked about Australian veteran Adam Gilchrist, he said, Gilchrist was a natural batsman but not a natural wicketkeeper. He used to practice wicketkeeping more than batting.

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