Thursday , October 21 2021

Coronavirus: Include these things in the diet for good health, get rid of stress, anxiety and insomnia

A good diet can help you sleep. You can change your daily diet to get a good night’s sleep. Let us know what to change in your daily life diet for a good sleep which will be helpful for your better sleep.


If you prefer to drink tea, then you can drink chamomile tea at bedtime. By drinking this tea, you will get peace of mind and get better sleep. This tea is also good for mental health. It also helps to relieve stress. If you want to sleep better then chamomile tea is a good option for you.


Nuts are one of the beneficial and delicious snacks for health. It contains plenty of nutrients. Some nuts that help you sleep better. Almonds and walnuts contain magnesium which promotes sleep. Nuts are also a good option for you if you want to get sleep. You can eat nuts before bedtime or even in a daily diet. It is also very beneficial for health.


Drinking milk is mandatory in many households in India before going to bed. However, it is not necessary to drink milk while sleeping in every household. Drinking milk is a good option if you are troubled by sleep problems. Although it is good to drink daily milk, drinking honey mixed with milk before daily sleeping will be more beneficial. Drinking warm milk with honey provides many health benefits. It helps you fight with sleep disturbances.


Fruits have good amounts of nutrients as well as fiber. Eating fruits daily is also recommended for good sleep. Vitamin C maintains the immunity of the body. Kiwi is the lowest calorie fruit which also helps in losing weight. The study said that going to bed promotes better sleep.

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