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Controversy between theaters and OTT platforms regarding the release of the film, Kangana Ranaut said – a way will be found

Kangana Ranaut’s upcoming film ‘Thalaivi’ is going to release easily in South on this 10th September. In North India, there was a deadlock between the producers and the multiplex owners in North India till the time of writing the news on Sunday. Theater operators are requesting that producers will allow their film ‘Thalaivi’ to be streamed on the OTT platform only after running for four weeks in theatres. On the other hand, producer Vishnuvardhan Induri argues that the film is of a big budget. That cost will be able to come out only when they give the film on OTT within the gap of two weeks of theatres. This deal is already done. In terms of the South Indian language, fans will get to see this film on Amazon Prime. At the same time, it will be seen on Netflix in the Hindi language. In the midst of all this, Kangana Ranaut has definitely given signs of relief to the theater operators. She has said that a middle way will be found.

Vishnuvardhan said the theater business is very uncertain due to the current situation

Vishnuvardhan Induri had a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar and said, “The theater operators of the North are trying to defend themselves. I am trying to secure my investment as a producer. In the South, we both have no problem. In the North For Hindi cinema operators want us to go too OTT only after a gap of four weeks. But that is not possible. Only if we go to OTT after two weeks in the North will our investment be safe and the cost will be covered. That’s why That the theater business is very uncertain due to the current situation. How much we can recover from there is not known. We have been clearly told from OTT that if I come after four weeks of coming to the theaters, we will get less money and two weeks If you come later,you will get more money.”

Kunal Sahni gave his opinion in favor of cinema halls

On the other hand, Kunal Sahni of the Carnival cine chain favors the cinema halls and says, “If ‘Thalaivi’ gets its producers on OTT two weeks after our arrival, then it is not acceptable to us at the moment. From Kovid. Earlier, the gap of film release between theaters and OTT was eight weeks. We have already done that four weeks. Now if we reduce that to two weeks, then where will our interest be protected. For South, the makers have taken four weeks. We have assumed a gap of four weeks instead of two weeks for Hindi also.”

Kamal Gyanchandani respects Kangana Ranaut’s attitude

According to Kamal Gyanchandani, Head, PVR Cine Chain, “We have released our statement. For Hindi also, the makers should accept the four-week gap. We respect Kangana Ranaut’s attitude. Will talk to the makers and find a middle ground. Let’s see what flexible approach the makers take for this.”

Raj Bansal gave his advice on this issue

Trade Analyst and Distributor Raj Bansal, who is keeping a close eye on the entire episode, gives his opinion. Raj explains, “Before Kovid, cinema halls used to live in the situation of imposing their own conditions. Now, this is not the case. The producer is bringing his film to the theater with great courage and is taking the risk. So the people of multiplexes have to understand this. Otherwise, the producer will go on direct OTT instead of coming to theatres. Right now the times are going bad, so everyone has to understand each other’s point of view.”

‘Thalaivi’ is getting 800 screens except for multiplexes

Here, the producer of ‘Thalaivi’ Vishnuvardhan also mentions the screen count. He says about this, “As of now we are getting 800 screens in Tamil and Telugu in South. In the rest of India, we are getting 800 screens except multiplexes. ‘Bellbottom’ also came to 100 screens across India. We are not following only four national multiplex chains. Still, we are coming to the rest of India on 800 screens.”

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