Thursday , October 21 2021

CM had airlift done in lockdown, more than one and a half thousand workers went to Ladakh again with more money and dream of better future

The worst impact of the lockdown caused by the coronavirus has so far affected the migrant laborers. Millions of people left their working cities and traveled thousands of kilometers to reach home, but there is no employment arrangement for them. However, in the meantime, the workers of Jharkhand have left for Ladakh for the purpose of earning and getting employment again. In fact, the Border Roads Organization, which is involved in the construction of roads and infrastructure on Ladakh, has demanded workers from the Jharkhand government to continue work. The BRO has promised that she will pay more to these laborers. In the hope of earning more, the workers have once again left home and are ready to go to another state for work.

When asked about this, Sheikh Shabbir, who was waiting for the train to go to Ladakh at Dumka railway station, said that earlier his earning was only Rs 13,600 a month. However, now the Border Roads Organization has promised them Rs 18,100. This is a direct increase of 4500 rupees in their earnings, which will enable them to spend more on their family’s health, education, and food. Shabbir, 20, is among the 1648 migrant laborers who were flown to Ladakh by train on Saturday.

The special thing is that even before sending these laborers to Ladakh, the Jharkhand government made a direct deal with the BRO. Actually, the first BRO relied on middlemen for laborers. Many times laborers also had to take the help of these middlemen for employment. However, harassment of laborers by these middlemen during work was quite common. They had to surrender their ATM cards for this. But the Jharkhand government decided to send the laborers directly for work, which has now ended the work of middlemen.

The Border Roads Organization has also signed an MoU with direct payment to the workers. Under this, all these workers will be registered under the Interstate Workmen Act next year, which will increase their safety. Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren said that middlemen have been taking advantage of laborers for a long time. I myself am the son of a farmer and laborer, so no one will be oppressed anymore. Explain that after the lockdown of CM Soren, these workers were brought back to the state by airlift.

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