Wednesday , June 16 2021

‘Chicago Med’ Season 6 Finale Episode 16 Release Date

Chicago Med Season 6” is a popular television series in the United States and also highly appreciated by audiences around the world. Based on the theme of medical drama, the TV series is extremely emotional, entertaining, and at the same time has the power to grab the audience’s attention until the very end.

Well, a total of five seasons has been released and currently, the sixth season airs on the original NBC network. The next episode 16 is rumored to go into the final episode of season 6, however it has yet to be confirmed.

Chicago Med season 6

The show was originally created by Dick Wolf and Matt Olmstead and is developed by Micheal Brandit and Derek Haas in association with Wolf Entertainment and Universal Television and is distributed by NBC Universal Television Distribution and a total of 15 episodes have been broadcast so far and the los Fans eagerly await the “Chicago Med Season 6 Final Episode 16”.

We’re not sure if this is the last episode of this season, but one thing we’re sure of is that this particular episode will be extremely overwhelming and emotional. The title of episode 16 is “I will come to save you.” Episode 16 will air on May 26, 2021, which is Wednesday at 8:00 PM (EST) on NBC’s original network. You can also see the same on the official NBC website and also on the NBC app.


In episode 16, we will see that Dr. Natalie’s mother, Carol, finally got a donor for a heart transplant. Natalie has been worried about her mother for a long time and eventually, the good news brought her some relief. There is no doubt that he loves his mother very much and did not want to lose his mother. When Dr. Choi and Dr. Archer revealed that their mother needed an immediate heart transplant, Natalie’s face lost all colors. However, Carol finally got a heart donor.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, Doctor Choi and Archer find themselves in a strange state, when an elderly patient begins to create a scandal out of nowhere. In the previous episode, we saw that it was Halstead who stole the test medication but this act by Halstead will have serious repercussions. Judging from the story, it doesn’t seem like the season ends on this note.

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