Tuesday , June 15 2021

Bollywood News Kajol and son Yug look ‘masked dacoits’ in their latest photo


Actress Kajol shared a picture with her son Yug on Instagram. In the picture, both are wearing masks. she captioned the photo, “Masked robber!” This selfie got a lot of love from his fans, Who always look forward to his slice-of-life Instagram posts. Saba Pataudi replied to the photo with two hearts.

In an Ask Me Anything session on Instagram last year, Kajol was asked who she loves the most. He replied, “My daughter is my heart and my son is my lungs.” He told them Diamond and Pearl (Diamond and Pearl)described as and the era amusingsaid. She also said that she has had a lot of clashes with her children during the lockdown.

what is that one thingabout which he fought with them, They said, “what we didn’t fight about, That should be the question.” When asked if her daughter Nyasa would also join Bollywood, Kajol replied, “Now a as twelfth pass.”

Kajol’s posts are usually a source of entertainment for her followers. on world bicycle day, She shared a behind the scenes video from her blockbuster Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Where she had fallen during the bike ride. His close friend and filmmaker Karan Johar replied, “Hey, God! I remember this very clearly! And can’t forget what happened after that!” said designer Manish Malhotra commenting on the post, “Kajol, i remember it!! We all run towards you. every song you fell, became a major hit.



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