Tuesday , October 19 2021

BJP’s Delhi team will decide after Rajya Sabha and Corporation elections

Which faces will be included in the Delhi team? This decision will now be the election of new faces after the elections of Rajya Sabha and Corporation. The Bharatiya Janata Party has appointed Aadesh Gupta to the post of State President in Delhi. After taking over the task, they are attacking every day as an opposition, attacking the Delhi government and also sending suggestions. But his team has not been decided yet.

Senior party leaders are expecting a final decision on this team in a week. However, sources indicate that the final decision will be taken only after the decision of the seat of Rajya Sabha and important posts of the corporation. In this, the leaders deployed from the center will play an important role. Generally, the chairman has been taking the decision of his team. But this time, two leaders including the in-charge have also been fielded to help Delhi. These include senior party leaders Arun Singh and Vijaya Rahatkar.

Elections are to be held for the first time in Delhi for corporation posts as the process for these posts is to begin from June 17. So the party will have to make a decision by June 16 for various posts. The most important post in the corporation is that of the Mayor. Sources reveal that councilors Nirmal Jain, Pramod Gupta, and Satpal are running for the post at the party while Kamlesh Shukla, Tulsi Joshi, and Kamaljeet Sehrawat are in the fray in South Delhi.


Yogendra Chandolia, Tilak Raj Kataria, Yogesh Sharma are being named for the post of Mayor in North Delhi. Apart from this, the race of leaders has also started for other posts of the corporation such as Upmahapur, Standing Committee Chairman. After this, the process of the Rajya Sabha elections will begin on June 19. It is expected that this time, as the new president, a large number of new faces will be seen in the team. Along with this, there will be an attempt to create a grassroots environment for the corporation elections.

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