Monday , August 2 2021

Be careful if you are traveling by flight

New Delhi: The second wave of corona infection continues in the country. New cases coming up every day are increasing rapidly. Recently, the Delhi High Court directed the DGCA to strictly follow the Corona Protocol in flight. It also saw its effect. Airlines company IndiGo handed over a person at Kolkata airport to security personnel because they did not wear masks. Indigo says the crew members of the flight requested her to wear masks repeatedly. Despite this, he refused to wear a mask. Earlier, four passengers have been put on the no-fly list (prohibiting air travel), not applying masks. All four passengers were coming from Jammu to Delhi in an Airline Air flight.


The four were handed over to security agencies when the flight reached Delhi. Now it is being considered that how long the four should be kept in this list. Please tell that the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has issued new guidelines regarding passengers. The DGCA has directed the airline companies to strictly follow the Corona rules in the recently issued guidelines. The order states that if a passenger does not wear a mask or does not follow the physical distance rule, he should be put on the no fly list for three months to two years or more. That is, his air travel should be banned.

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