Thursday , July 29 2021

Ayodhya Green Vedic City: Ayodhya will become the country’s first green Vedic city, know from Shri Ram airport to cruise and will be special in Shri Ram’s city?

Two weeks ago, a grand plan for the development of Ayodhya was presented in front of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In this, it is envisioned to restore the glory of Ayodhya with modern aspects and a historical blend of AMRUT and SMART city. It envisions a city that will be sustainable, modern, and follow the laws of nature. During this, many sites including many ghats, lakes of the city will be developed.

Among the major projects are the development of ‘Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram International Airport’ and a world-class railway station to ensure the convenience of pilgrims visiting Ayodhya. It has been said in the presentation that many roads leading to Ayodhya will be converted into 4 and 6 lanes and 6 major entry roads in Ayodhya will have large doors inspired by the Ram temple to welcome the passengers. NHAI will also start 65 long ring road soon.

According to the presentation given by the Uttar Pradesh government, ‘Ayodhya has a dream to make it a major spiritual, religious and tourist city on the world stage according to the Sanatan traditions. A self-sustaining modern tourist destination, which is free from pollution, free from dirt and healthy soil, water, air as well as water.

This plan put before PM Modi, includes ‘Ramayana Spiritual Forest’ in PPP mode, through which the stories of Lord Rama’s 14 years of exile will be shown. Along with this, there are also mention of big plans like a 65 km long ring road around Ayodhya and a Vedic township with state and foreign buildings on 1200 acres on the lines of Chanakyapuri in Delhi.

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