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Amrish Puri: who came to become an actor had to play a job in an insurance company if he did not get the role of hero!

There are many fans of heroes of Hindi films, but still, the villain gives the film’s story an edge. Although many villainous characters have become famous in Hindi films, ‘Mogambo’ of ‘Mr. India’s film has a different atmosphere. Mogambo played the character of Amrish Puri in this film. The strong role of the villain gave him tremendous stardom. He was born on 22 June 1932 in Nawanshahar, Punjab. Puri had 5 sisters and brothers, in which he was number four.After studying, he came to Mumbai for employment. Amrish Puri had no desire to do a job, he had come to Mumbai to become an actor. By that time, his elder brother Madan Puri had made his mark in the film industry. Puri could not pass any of Hero’s auditions. Amrish was not disappointed even when the hero did not get the role. To meet his expenses, he started a job in an insurance company and continued to do theater as well.Amrish Puri did not get the role of a hero, but veteran actor Sunil Dutt allowed him to make a debut in the film industry with his directorial film ‘Reshma Aur Shera’. After this, Amrish Puri created a panic in Bollywood due to his acting. He did more than one film like Damini, Ghayal, Khatil, Dilwale Dulhange Le Jayenge, Nagina, Pardes. His dialogue of DGLG ‘Ja Simran Ja, Ji Le Apni Zindagi’ has become immortal.

Amrish showed his acting skills not only in Bollywood but also in Hollywood. He also worked in the Hollywood films ‘Gandhi’ and ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’. Amrish Puri, who competed with the hero with his acting in films, died on 12 January 2005 due to a brain hemorrhage.

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