Saturday , April 17 2021

Amitabh Bachchan 11 and Ajay Devgan are shooting ‘Mayday’ in 5 camera setup, 90 percent film shooting in just 3 months

Amitabh Bachchan and Ajay Devgan are considered the most techno-savvy artists in the industry. For the shooting of the film fast, they do not refrain from working in a multiple-camera setup. The latest information is about the upcoming film ‘Maday’ of both. Akanksha Singh, who is playing the role of Ajay Devgan’s wife in the film, has confirmed this. Akanksha is very happy, doing the successful TV innings film with Amitabh Bachchan and Ajay Devgan.

Talking about the detailed process of shooting for ‘Maday’, Akanksha said, “Till now I used to see Amit sir or Ajay Ji on the big screen. I have had a long experience on TV as well. For the first time here both of these big, I am working in a multiple-camera setup with actors. All the scenes with Amitabh Bachchan are set to 11 cameras. This is a new experience. Amit sir still has a great passion for work. He embarks on the set. Live. ”

A small test was given for the film on Diwali

Akanksha further said, “For this film, I gave a short test on Diwali last year. I was in Jaipur. Makers had also seen one of my short films. Then casting director Vaibhav gave me a cast for Ajay Devgan Ji’s Wife. I did something at the break of the shoot. Amit Ji used to drag me too. He used to say that good eating alone, one day. He brought a boxed biscuit and put it on my lap. Was. Well, whenever I called them to eat, they would not look at me. Then as soon as I started eating, I used to turn towards me and pull my leg. ”

Ajay himself also cleared my casting

Akanksha said, “Amitabh sir has worked in the setup of 11 cameras. In the scene with Ajay Devgan, 5 cameras were set up. Ajay Devgan himself also gave my casting a green signal. Only my credibility On a basis, it is not taken into account that this is from the TV background. It was not until a decade ago. All this development has happened in recent years. The advantage of shooting in such a multi-camera setup was That 90 percent of the film, adorned with such a big budget and wide cast, has been shot. That too when the film started only three months ago. Two to three weeks in between, Ajay Devgan also shot Gangubai and Thank God. . Meanwhile, Amit Sir also underwent eye surgery. ”

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