Wednesday , October 20 2021

Airforce fully prepared to deal with any situation on LAC, says Air Force Chief

Hyderabad: Air Chief Marshal Air Chief Marshal R KS Bhadauria said here on Saturday that the Indian Air Force is fully prepared to meet any security challenge along the border with China and is positioned at an appropriate location. He made this remark amid fears of a clash again after a violent clash between the two countries’ military in eastern Ladakh. He said that the Indian Air Force is fully aware of the capability of the Chinese Air Force, their airports, operational bases, and their deployment in the region.

He said that his army has taken all necessary steps to deal with any accidental situation. Addressing the Joint Graduate Parade (CGP) at the Air Force Academy (AFA) in Dundigal here, he said that the Air Force is determined to meet the target and will never let the sacrifice of our knights in the Galvan Valley of Ladakh go in vain.

He told reporters after the parade, “In response to any situation, we fly according to whatever is needed. This includes combat air patrols if needed. “He was asked if the Indian Air Force was doing combat air patrols in Ladakh. Under combat air patrol, armed fighters can be dispatched in a short time for specific missions.

The Indian Air Force has deployed a large number of Sukhoi 30 MKI, Jugar, Mirage 2000 aircraft, Apache fighter helicopters to several main airports including Leh and Srinagar within the last four days. On 15 June, in the backdrop of the biggest military confrontation with China in five decades in the Galvan Valley, the Air Force Chief said that the force is fully prepared to deal with any contingency situation.

He said, “It should be very clear that we are fully prepared and deployed at the appropriate place to deal with any contingency situation.” I want to assure the country that we are determined to accomplish the goal and will never let the sacrifice of our knights of Galvan go in vain. ”

Later in a conversation with reporters, he said, “We are aware of the whole situation.” Whether LAC or deployment other than LAC. We have complete assessment and we have taken necessary steps to deal with any contingency arising out of such deployment. ”

He said that all necessary steps have been taken at Indian Air Force bases across the country which are necessary to deal with the situation. On the question related to Chinese airports, he said, “We know where their (Chinese) base is.” We know where their airspace is, where is their deployment, where are their operational bases. ”

“Despite China’s unacceptable actions and consequent loss of life following the agreements reached during the military talks, all efforts were being made to ensure that the current situation along the Line of Actual Control is resolved peacefully,” Bhadauria said. .

Asked if India was going to war with China, he said, “You are aware of the talks going on at the military level but we are ready for any contingent situation.” The year deploys and practices in the disputed area, but this time the activity has increased and some changes have been made which are being monitored.

Bhadauria said, “The security scenario in our region tells our armed forces to be ready and alert at all times. The situation on the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh is a small view of what we need to do to deal with the situation in a very short time. ”

The Chief of Air Force said that the bravery of our soldiers during the skirmish with Chinese forces has shown the resolve to protect the sovereignty of our country at any cost. The Indian Air Force has alerted all the advance bases along the 3500 km Line of Actual Control with China and has deployed additional resources such as combat aircraft and bomber helicopters as part of the preparations after the conflict.

The Indian Air Force chief visited Leh base on Wednesday where he reviewed the operational preparedness of the force. In view of the conflicts in Galvan, the government on Wednesday put the Indian Army and Air Force advance bases on high alert.

The Chief of Air Force said that China deploys every year and conducts air exercises in the region but this time the activities have increased. The deadlock between Indian and Chinese forces has continued in Galvan and many other areas of eastern Ladakh since May 5. On May 5, there was a clash between the two sides on the banks of Pangog So. Military and diplomatic talks between the two countries are going on to remove the border impasse.

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