Wednesday , May 12 2021

After Richard Madden & Camila Cabello, James McAvoy urges all to donate to India amid massive COVID-19 crisis

Richard Madden & Camila Cabello, James McAvoy

Richard Madden & Camila Cabello, James McAvoy 

Hollywood star James McAvoy has made an appeal to his fans and followers to send out donations to India as the country struggles with the “massive” shortage of oxygen during the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. The actor, best known for films like the “X-Men” and “Unbreakable” series, shared a link to a crowdfunding campaign on Instagram on Monday “to help purchase oxygen concentrator machines and other medical supplies to help support India”.

“India needs help. You can help…donate what you can if you can. Link to just giving page in my Bio. @daivikfoundation,” McAvoy wrote in the caption.

Hospitals across India have been grappling with oxygen shortage. Week after week, several hospitals have sent out SOS messages about depleting oxygen supplies at their medical facilities and some hospitals had even lost COVID-19 patients due to the crisis situation.

In his video message, the 42-year-old star said one of his friends is seeking to send help to India as quickly as possible.

“I think everyone is aware of the situation in India right now. And, it”s really bad. There is a massive, massive crisis and there is not enough of oxygen. A doctor friend of mine is getting oxygen where it”s needed as quickly as possible,” he said.

“If you have money, brilliant. If you don”t, tell someone else and spread the word, just your attention is appreciated. Hope the situation in India is better soon. All the best, hope you are healthy and well,” McAvoy added.

Recently, singers Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes also appealed to their social media fans to extend support to India in its fight against the virus. Richard Madden to shared an appeal.

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