Wednesday , October 20 2021

A man was making coffee in the kitchen, when Babbar lion was seen outside the window – Video

Everyone likes to drink tea or coffee after waking up in the morning, but just imagine that you wake up in the morning like every day and go to the kitchen to make tea or coffee. Then all of a sudden you see a dangerous animal or Babbar lion on your window, what will you do at that time? It is certain that you will be scared. Now, something similar has happened with one person. Knowing this, you will not believe our words, but a video of it is being seen, in which you can see the proof of this truth.

Everyone is surprised to see this video on social media. In this video, a person goes to the kitchen when he sees a Babbar lion outside the window. This video has been recorded on 25 June 2021 and is now being seen on Viral Hog’s YouTube page. For information, let us tell you that sending this video is of Nature Training Camp which is in South Africa.


It can be seen in the video that lions, elephants, and other animals often visit this nature camp. Many lions are already seen everywhere in the video. A lioness is also visible outside the camp. When Dillon, the camp’s instructor seen in the video, went to the kitchen to make coffee in the morning, he saw this lion outside which started growling as soon as he saw him.

It can be heard in the video that the lion was trying to save the lioness and was about to mating, so it was probably feeling threatened by Dillon. As Dillon approached the window, the lion began to growl. Dillon can be seen in the video making coffee. He is not afraid at all to see the lion because he knows what all the lions are there for. During this, he has not even harassed the lions. Let us also tell you that that lion leaves after about 40 minutes.


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