Wednesday , October 20 2021

8 people raped pregnant goat, goat dies after incident!

There are some people who go beyond the limits of cruelty. Today we are referring to a similar incident which is 2 years old which happened in the village of Haryana, after hearing that you will also start crying and regret that such people live in India. In Mewat, Haryana 8 gangsters gang-raped a goat. The goat’s condition deteriorated and the goat lost her life in agony!
The incident is from a small village of Marora village in Mewat town in Haryana. Where the 8 poor men of the village took the goat to a deserted house and crossed the limits of life, which led to the death of the goat. When the owner of the goat came to know, he registered a case against those people at the police station.
Let me tell you that when those people were asked about the hardship with the goat, they replied that we will do like this, if you have the courage then stop. When the villagers came to know about this incident, they beat them fiercely. It is being told that the goat was pregnant for two months. The police have sent the goat for postpartum and will arrest those boys only after conducting an investigation.

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