Thursday , October 21 2021

312 deaths due to corona in 24 hours, 14933 new cases, total cases exceeded 4.40 lakh

New DelhiThe havoc of Corona Virus is not taking the name of stopping. Coronavirus cases have started to grow rapidly. In the last 24 hours, 14933 new cases of coronavirus have been reported. While 312 people died from Kovid-19. With this, the number of coronavirus cases in the country has increased to 440215. Talking about active cases across the country, this figure has increased to 178014. At the same time, 248190 people have been cured. So far, 14011 people have died due to Coronavirus.

1. America has the highest number of cases in the world (about 23.70 lakh). This is also the highest number of deaths (about 1.22 lakh).

2. There are about 11 lakh cases in Brazil. Highest after America. 50 thousand people have lost their lives here.

3. There are about 4.40 lakh cases in India right now. In India, on 26 June this figure will cross 5 lakhs.

4. The coronavirus recovery rate in the world is 47%. About 48.90 lakh people have become healthy after being infected with the coronavirus.

5. So far, 4.72 lakh people have lost their lives due to corona. This number will become 5 lakhs on 27 June.

6. In 185 countries of the world, the coronavirus has died. The highest number of deaths occurred in Europe (about 1.87 lakh).

7. There have been no deaths due to corona in nearly 27 countries including Bhutan, Vietnam, Uganda, Mongolia, Namibia, Laos, Fiji, Macau.

8. America has the most tests in the world (27.8 million). Tests of 70 lakh people have been taken so far in India.

9. The death rate from this epidemic in the world is 60 (per 1 million). The death rate is 10 in India, 9 in Bangladesh and 16 in Pakistan.

10. There are 2 lakh or more cases in 10 countries of the world. These include the United States, Brazil, Russia, India, Britain, Spain, Peru, Chile, Italy, and Iran.

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