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15-year-old girl’s 3.5 kg tumor removed from chest and throat, doctor also surprised

Lucknow: A 3.5-kg tumor has been removed from the chest and neck of 15-year-old Surabhi Ben in Bengaluru. The tumor was in the throat that had reached the chest. It took 5 surgeries a year to remove it. Surbhi is recovering. Doctors say, the patient’s speech training is going on and it will take 3 to 4 months to recover.

Three tumors in the throat were related to each other
, says Dr. Chetan Jinigeri, surgeon at Astor CMI Hospital, Bangalore, which is a rare case. Surabhi came to us in January 2020. He had three tumors in his throat that were connected to each other via nerve. Surgery was difficult at once. Taking care, we did 5 surgeries.

The tumor was shown for the first time at the age of 6
, in Surabhi living in Amreli, Gujarat, the tumor first appeared at the age of 6 years. Due to financial constraints, treatment was done by local doctors but medicines remained ineffective. The tumor started growing with age. With schooling disrupted with routine, he quit school in 2019.

Telling about the difficulties in life from the tumor, Surbhi says, I had to struggle a lot. I was not able to live a normal life like other people. School missed due to pain. On exiting the house, the tumor had to be hidden. I could not wear normal clothes due to illness. Always used to ask mother why I am like this?

Crowdfunding collected Rs 70 lakhs from crowdfunding
, for the treatment of Surabhi, an organization called Milap did crowdfunding, which collected Rs 70 lakhs. Oncologist surgeon Dr Girish, who is in the team of doctors who performed the surgery, says the case was quite complicated because the tumor was in the throat, which was a very sensitive part. To prevent this tumor from recurring, we have set up a team in Surat to look after it. He will be examined from time to time.

The team who performed the surgery included Dr. Chetan Jinigeri (Pediatrics), Dr. Girish (Oncologist Surgeon), Dr. Madhusudan ji (Plastic Surgeon) and Dr. Ganeshkrishnan Iyer (Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeon).

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