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Your TV remote gets lost? Don’t worry… now Google will find it for you; know how

2886316 1154At the Google I/O developer conference last week, Google introduced a new version of its Android operating system for TV. This new version includes many great features and improvements. One of these is a feature that users have been demanding for a long time: the ‘Find My Remote’ function. This feature will help in finding the lost Google TV remote easily. The “Find My Remote” feature has been found in the updated Google TV emulator build released with Android 14 for TV. From this, it can be guessed that this feature will soon be available on new Google TV devices.

The light will turn on with a beep

This new feature is already present in Walmart’s recently launched new Onn Google TV 4K Pro streaming box. A special button has been given in this streaming box. When you press this button, the remote will beep for 30 seconds and its small LED light will also start glowing. Just keep in mind that the remote should be within a radius of 30 feet from the box.

How will the Google TV remote work?

Last week, Google said that the ‘Find My Remote’ feature is going to come in the new version of Android TV. This has been confirmed by looking at the codes of the latest Android 14 for TV emulator. These codes explain how this feature will work: By pressing a special button on the Google TV device, the remote will make a sound for 30 seconds, making it easier to find it.

It will work with Google TV only

But note that this ‘Find My Remote’ feature will only work with those Google TV remotes that have small speakers built in to play sound. Some remotes may also have a small LED light to make them easier to find. However, it is possible that older remotes may also get this feature through a software update, but it is not yet clear which models will support it.

Existing Google TV devices will need a software update to support the new “Find Remote” feature. This function will probably be pre-installed on new devices that have Android 14 for TV.