Monday , August 2 2021

You do not know these benefits of tea leaves left after making tea

Tea is made daily in every house. Whether it is green tea or black tea and or milk tea. Often we throw tea leaves after making tea. We do not know what to do with tea leaves after use, so people often throw tea leaves in the trash. So let’s tell you today how we can reuse tea leaves?

Anti-oxidants are found in tea leaves. In such a situation, applying a paste of tea leaves on the injury or any wound is beneficial. Wash the boiled tea leaves thoroughly. By applying it on the injury, the wound will heal quickly.

Tea leaf water is an excellent conditioner. Wash the tea leaves and boil them again. Wash hair with this water. This will make the hair shiny and soft.

Plants in pots need fertilizer from time to time. In such a situation, clean the remaining tea leaves and put them in the pot. This will keep your plants healthy.

# Another advantage of tea leaves is that you can use it to make things made of wood shiny. Boil the remaining tea leaves in water again and put it in a vial or spray bottle. Now clean the wooden items with this.

# Boil the prepared tea leaves in water again. Clean the cans of ghee and oil with that water. This will keep the smell of the box going.

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