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Yellow Alert: Delhi Drowns in Fog, 19 Trains Stranded, 34 Flights Grounded – Rain Woes Continue

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30 January 2023 Weather Update: Delhi-NCR Enveloped in Dense Fog

The capital city, Delhi, woke up to an intense weather scenario on January 30, 2023, with dense fog blanketing the entire Delhi-NCR region. The visibility on the roads is extremely low, making it nearly impossible to see anything. Adding to the challenge is the biting cold, contributing to severe winter conditions.

Current Situation in Delhi

 Visibility Crisis

The visibility in Delhi has plummeted, causing disruptions in daily activities. Commuters are finding it difficult to navigate through the thick fog, emphasizing the need for caution.

 Severe Winter Conditions

Accompanying the dense fog is the onset of severe winter in Delhi. The plummeting temperatures are a stark reminder of the harsh weather conditions gripping the region.

Impact on Transportation

 Train Delays

Due to the fog, 19 trains in the region are running behind schedule, causing inconvenience to passengers.

Flight Disruptions

A total of 34 flights have been canceled, and 108 flights are delayed, attributing to the challenging weather conditions.

Weather Alert

 Extended Fog Alert

The weather department has issued an alert for dense fog, indicating that several cities in North India might experience similar conditions for the next two days. Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, and multiple districts in Uttar Pradesh may witness thick fog during both morning and night.

Outlook for the Next Few Days

 Anticipated Rainfall

The weather forecast for January 31 and February 1 includes a yellow alert for rain. This forecast has raised concerns about possible disruptions and challenges posed by the combination of rain and existing foggy conditions.

Delhi’s Current Air Quality

 Alarming Air Quality

As of today, Delhi’s Air Quality Index (AQI) stands at 361, categorizing it in the extremely poor category. This emphasizes the pressing need for measures to address air pollution in the region.

Kashmir’s Winter Wonderland.

Snowfall Delight in Kashmir

In contrast to Delhi’s foggy ordeal, Kashmir is experiencing a winter wonderland with abundant snowfall. Enthusiastic tourists are reveling in the joyous atmosphere, surrounded by a blanket of white snow.. Picturesque Gulmarg

Pictures of Gulmarg, covered in a pristine layer of snow, have brought a sense of tranquility to those witnessing the serene beauty of this winter paradise.

Local Reactions and Tourism Boost

 Joyful Tourists in Kashmir

The influx of tourists to Kashmir has significantly increased, with visitors relishing the enchanting views and engaging in various snow-related activities.

 Local Happiness

The locals, witnessing the influx of tourists and the joyous atmosphere, are elated, appreciating the beauty that nature has bestowed upon their region.

In conclusion, Delhi’s battle with dense fog and severe winter conditions is impacting daily life, causing transportation disruptions and raising concerns about air quality. Meanwhile, Kashmir is basking in the beauty of snowfall, boosting tourism and local happiness.