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Women will always like one of these 6 types of men… Which type are you?


Women are inevitably attracted to certain types of men. Men who are confident, handsome, and have big bank balances usually attract women, but there are other types of men who are more attractive to women. Women are attracted to certain personality traits of men.

When it comes to marriage, women look for more in men than just convenience. There are some common qualities that women look for in men. Women want to be with men with these qualities.

smart men
Women like men who hold intellectually stimulating conversations. He makes women laugh with his witty sense of humour, and has an uncanny ability to strike up a conversation. They can even convert hours into minutes. Being with him is never boring for women.

Men Confident men are secure and confident in their abilities. They shine the light of their faith in front of everyone. They aren’t always jealous of other men, and they don’t feel threatened by their girlfriend’s boyfriends or coworkers.

men who are interested in art
They are artists and men who are interested in mornings are spontaneous and know how to live life. Mostly, they use their creativity to easily charm their favorite girl.

caring men
Women like caring men. This is more important than everything else. Women love men who want to know what their needs are, what their preferences are, what they like to eat, and where they want to go.

romantic men
These types of men believe in deep love. These types of men are irresistible to women as they always express their love through flowers, chocolates and gifts and always make moments to feel their love.

bad men
This is very unfortunate. These types of men go where the wind takes them and their lives are always full of adventure. These types of men do not care about the consequences or the future. Such men are often dangerous for women, but women are more attracted to them.