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Women should not do these mistakes during menstruation.


Menstruation is a natural process for women. Girls usually menstruate between the ages of 10-15. But mostly girls suffer from it. Because they do not know how to maintain cleanliness during menstruation. There is a possibility of diseases due to this.

Not only this, we have to be careful about certain issues when we touch. There are certain foods that parents should avoid. Ashtakku How can women maintain hygiene during menstruation? should should not? Let us know what kind of food should not be eaten.

1. Don’t use soap!
Everyone knows how important it is to maintain cleanliness during menstruation. Most people use soap to keep their genitals clean during menstruation. This is wrong. Because there are special products available in the market for cleaning the genitals, they should be used.

The cleaning of the genitals has its own process. That should be cleaned. Great care should be taken during menstruation. Yet using these artificial hygiene products disrupts the natural process which leads to infection and bacterial growth.

2. Change sanitary pads every 4-6 hours
Most people use the same sanitary pad or tampon throughout the day, this should not be done. During menstruation, sanitary napkins or tampons should be changed every 4-6 hours. Menstrual blood attracts various living beings in our body when it comes out of the body. This can lead to burns, rashes or urinary tract infections. Thus, changing sanitary pads or tampons every 4-6 hours can prevent the growth of germs.


3. Keep private parts clean
It is very important to clean our private parts regularly, because after removing sanitary pads or tampons during menstruation, germs stick in your body. That’s why the vagina should be cleaned regularly. There are certain methods that must be followed for cleaning the genitals. Otherwise the risk of disease is high.

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4. Dispose of sanitary napkins properly
It is very important to dispose of sanitary pads or tampons properly during menstruation. You should dispose of it properly. Wrap them in a paper and throw them away. Otherwise the risk of spreading the infection of microorganisms increases.


Still don’t go flushing the sanitary pad in the bathroom for any reason. It closes inside the toilet. Due to this, there is a possibility of spreading bacteria in the water. Even now it is not right to burn sanitary pads. This will harm the environment. Most importantly, do not forget to wash your hands after disposing of the sanitary pad.

5. Women following only one method
Use a tampon and sanitary pad or two sanitary pads at the same time during heavy flow. This is an effective strategy. It is very good to do this to stop excessive bleeding. The downside is that we forget to change tampons and sanitary pads on time.

Excessive blood collection can invite bacteria and cause infection. So it is very good to change tampons and sanitary pads frequently in case of heavy bleeding.