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Will we have to pay for Google search also? Company can make this big change

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Google AI Paid News: Google is the world’s largest search engine. With its help, the user can get information about any topic. The user just has to go to Google and type the name of the topic in the search bar. After this, Google does the further work and after a few seconds provides relayed information from the topic to the user. The popularity of Google can be gauged from the fact that it has users in every country. Till now all the services of Google are available for free, but this may not be the case in the future. There is a possibility that there may be changes in Google services in the coming time and you will have to pay for some things. You will be surprised to know that Google is thinking of taking money from you for some of its special services. 

For which services can charges be levied?

Google is trying to improve search results by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. In this connection, the company is thinking about whether it should make some of its special AI-powered features a part of its premium subscription service. Currently, Google’s subscription pack includes their new AI assistant Gemini. Gemini is an AI chatbot created by Google. It lets you create images from a text prompt. Gemini Chatbot is a tool similar to ChatGPT. 

According to reports, the company is developing this technology, but there is no clarity yet about when this service will arrive. It has also been told that Google’s free search service will continue and advertisements will also continue to appear in it. Some time ago, Google’s AI assistant Gemini made headlines. There was some controversy regarding the AI chatbot Gemini. Gemini can answer questions in response to text as well as create pictures. But Google had to apologize after some wrong pictures were made.