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Why does skin damage happen? These 5 foods are the root cause of 90 percent of skin problems, do not make this mistake while eating

Imageresizer.ashxTata Tamo Racemo:  Who doesn’t like Lamborghini’s sports cars? People like the design of these cars and their tremendous power the most. Let us tell you that just like Lamborghini’s sports cars, Tata also introduced a sports car. This sports car was Tata Tamo Racemo, which was probably going to be launched in India after some time. However, even after many years, it was not launched in India. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about this powerful car, whose price was going to be around 20 lakhs.

When was this car introduced 

Tata Motors unveiled its first sports car during the Geneva Motor Show in 2017. At that time it was named Racemo. It was a two-seater special sports car whose design is similar to a Lamborghini sports car. As soon as this car was unveiled, there was a stir in the country and the world. Actually this car was so stylish that people were waiting for its launch. Its design became a hit among car lovers. Tata Motors decided to create a new sub-brand called Tamo for high-performance machines. About 6 years have passed since the unveiling and this car has not yet come to the market. If you are also surprised by the non-launch of this car, then today we are going to tell you about the reasons behind it. 

1) Price 

The Racemo was a sub-4 metre car and was expected to be sold at a lower price than other foreign cars to avoid taxes, so the car was expected to be priced around Rs 25 lakh. 

2) Design 

The design of the car was very impressive, it was a sports car with almost no ground clearance, so it was considered bad for Indian roads and could have been damaged. Butterfly doors were also going to be provided in it which would have increased its sportiness even more. The design of Tata Racemo was impressive but it could have been badly damaged on Indian roads. 

3) Engine and Performance 

One of the biggest advantages of this small car was its punchy performance, for such a small machine, Tata Motors planned to offer the Tata Nexon’s 1.2L turbocharged petrol engine that easily powers a heavy SUV. Tata also promised special performance tuning to the engine to better suit the needs of a sports car. It was also going to feature a 6-speed transmission with paddle shifters, Tata Motors also showcased the car with a rear-wheel drive feature. 

4) Platform and Production

The Racemo was designed as a kit-car that can be assembled with 30-easy-to-assemble modules. Tata Motors had also initially announced that the production would be limited to a few units, however after the overwhelming enthusiasm and positive response, Tata Motors decided to mass produce the cars and reduce the price further.

5) Launch and cancellation

Tata Supercar was planned to be launched in 2018, but the company had to cancel the plan due to economic and financial issues. This car would have been cheap but perhaps it was not practical for Indian roads, which is why it has not come to the market till now.