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Why do flocks of birds fly in a ‘V’ shape? The reason behind this is very interesting


Bird Flying V Shape Theory: You must have seen birds flying in the sky. You must have also seen that whenever many birds fly in a flock, their ‘V’ shape is formed. The birds line up behind each other so that they all appear together in a ‘V’ shape. It is also interesting that they fly long distances in V shape in this way, there is no competition to overtake each other. But do you know why birds do this? You would be surprised to know that even scientists have been debating on this topic for a long time. However, then some important things came to light in the research, which showed why birds fly in ‘V’ shape in flocks?

Why do birds fly in ‘V’ shape?
Whatever we see around us, there is definitely some science behind it. Similarly, there is science behind why birds form a V shape when they fly in flocks. Research has found that there are two main reasons why birds fly in a V shape. The first is that flying in the V shape makes it easier for them to fly. By doing this they do not collide with each other.

Another reason most scientists agree
It is said that there is a leader of a flock of birds. It guides the rest of the birds while flying. When birds fly in a flock, he is at the forefront. Everyone else keeps flying after him. Many scientists also agree with this view.

It was revealed in the research
Research from the Royal Veterinary College, University of London, found that when birds flock in a ‘V’ shape, it is easier to cut through the air while in flight. By doing this, a lot of their energy is also saved. The researchers also said that birds do not learn the art of V-flight from an early age, they learn it while in flocks.