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WHO Pandemic Alert: More dangerous than Corona, this disease will wreak havoc! 2 crore lives at risk?


WHO Chief warns of new epidemic: Kovid has been warned about 19 i.e. more deadly virus than Corona. A great danger is hanging over the world. After the Corona epidemic, a new threat is looming over the world. WHO chief Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has said that the next pandemic could be more dangerous than Covid. In his annual press conference in Geneva, he warned the world about this new threat. He also said that the corona is not completely over yet and a new crisis can come in front of the world anytime. Whereas earlier on May 5, WHO had announced that Corona is no longer a Global Health Emergency. The reason for this is being told that the figures of active cases and deaths are decreasing rapidly.

Two crore lives in danger!
During the second major wave of Corona in India, there was an uproar regarding the deaths due to Corona. Since then everyone was seen praying that they should never see such a scene of death again. In such a situation, the recent new epidemic alert has once again increased the concern of the people. WHO says that millions of people have died worldwide in 3 years due to Corona epidemic. But now this figure may be smaller than the new epidemic i.e. the disease which is being feared.

Name and identity yet to be decided-
The name and identity of the pandemic released by the World Health Organization is yet to be decided. But when the warning comes from a global body like the World Health Organisation, it becomes a real concern.

History is the witness that for the last few centuries, every 100 years, one or the other epidemic keeps coming in the world. Plague spread in 1720, in which about one lakh people died. Then in 1820, cholera spread to the Asian continent, killing nearly a million people. After this, around 1920, the Spanish flu killed millions of people. Even after 100 years, the corona epidemic came in the year 2020 and the whole world went under lockdown. In such a situation, now after the warning of the World Health Organization, the question is being asked whether this coincidence or myth of an epidemic occurring every 100 years will be broken? At the same time, people may have to face the lockdown once again.

What is an epidemic?
When a disease spreads to different countries, it takes the form of an epidemic. According to WHO, a disease can be called an epidemic when it fulfills two conditions. First- when that disease spreads from one country to another, then it is a symptom of epidemic and second- all the symptoms related to that disease should be seen in the patient.