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Which Railway Station Cuts off Trains’ Electricity Just after Arrival

There are many areas in India where electricity automatically cuts off just while passing through.


People often prefer travelling through train. Especially when it comes to long distance journeys, people prefer to book train tickets. Trains offer various amenities such as sleeping berths, seating arrangements, meals, and restrooms, making people feel like they are not far away from home. Special arrangements are made for electricity on trains, ensuring that passengers have sufficient lighting and ventilation. However, do you know that there is a place in the country where all the lights on a local train switched off when it passes through? Why is it done? What could be the special reason behind it?

According to railway sources, the mysterious place in the country where the electricity of local trains automatically cuts off is near Tambaram Railway Station in Tamil Nadu. When local trains pass through that particular area, their electricity gets automatically switched off. Interestingly, this phenomenon does not occur with express and superfast trains, as their light supply remains intact. However, why does this happen specifically with local trains?

Now the question arises why only the electricity of local trains gets cut off while express and superfast trains do not face this issue. The reason behind this is that the power supply for the lighting of local trains comes from the driver’s cabin. There is a power system installed in the driver’s cabin that draws electricity from the Overhead Equipment and supplies it to the entire train. Therefore, when the engine’s electricity is cut off , the lights of the entire train goes off. In contrast, in superfast and express trains, the power supple arrangement for the engine and coaches is different. Due to this, passing through the vicinity of Tambaram does not affect the electricity supply of these trains.