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What Do Indians Look for Most on a Smartphone? Shocking Revelations from the Report Uncover the Truth

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, serving various purposes like making calls, sending messages, and accessing the internet. But have you ever wondered how much time we spend on our phones each day? A new report sheds light on what Indian users predominantly watch on their smartphones and how much time they allocate to different activities.

More Than Three Hours on Social Media: On average, Indian users spend more than three hours daily on social media and over 46 minutes on online gaming, according to a recent report. The study, conducted by the Asia Centre of the Technology Policy Think Tank, indicates that social media tops the list in terms of usage. More than 194 minutes are spent on social media every day. Additionally, users spend around 44 minutes on Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms and 46 minutes on online gaming.

Spending Patterns: An average user spends less than 100 rupees per month and less than one hour daily on online gaming. On OTT platforms, users spend around 200-400 rupees. The report is based on a survey conducted among more than 2,000 participants and the in-app data of over 2.06 million users from 143 mobile applications.

Furthermore, users indicated that there might be a 71 percent reduction in subscription fees for online games due to a 30 percent increase in revenue sharing, suggesting high price sensitivity. In contrast, this number is projected to be only 17 percent for OTT platforms.

The findings illustrate the significant role smartphones play in the lives of Indian users, with social media and online gaming being their predominant interests. It’s essential to note that these findings are based on the provided text and might not include the most up-to-date statistics or trends in smartphone usage. For the latest and accurate information, it’s advisable to refer to official sources or recent studies.