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what color is your urine do you know why it is dark yellow and pink in color


The color of urine tells a lot about health. The color of urine is usually light yellow. Urine appears pale yellow when the body is properly hydrated. Urine color can change due to health conditions. The color of urine depends on how much water we drink in a day, what kind of food we eat and what is the problem with stool. Doctors say that a basic assessment can be made by looking at urine without the need for any tests. Tests should be done to know the exact reason.

Urine is yellow in color in perfectly healthy, fully hydrated people. But now let us know what health problems the color of urine indicates and what health problems the smell of urine can indicate.


1. Dark yellow or orange colored urine:
Dark yellow or orange colored urine indicates liver function problems or jaundice. It cannot be assumed that drinking more water is enough to change the color of urine. Dark yellow to orange colored urine is a strong sign of jaundice. If you get such urine then you should immediately consult a doctor and get urine and blood test done.

2. Red urine:
Red colored urine indicates blood. It can cause red colored urine due to urinary infection, urinary stone, urinary cancer. Urine should not be ignored if it appears like this. Even a slight delay can worsen the situation. It is better to consult a doctor immediately.

3. Dark Purple Urine:
Dark purple urine can be a sign of a urine infection. It is also known as Purple Bag Syndrome. It is caused by a bacterial urine infection. The problem can be resolved if appropriate antibiotics are used. Doctors should be consulted before using medicines. get treatment as per their advice


4. Pink colored urine:
Eating too much beetroot can also result in pink colored urine. Sometimes its color can also be light red. If your urine looks like this, remember to consume beetroot in moderation. Although beetroot is rich in antioxidants, it should be remembered that eating too much can be harmful.

5. Milky white urine:
If the urine is milky white, then it should be understood that there is fat in the urine. It is caused by infection with the parasite Wuchereria bancropti. The urine of the people of the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar is milky white. In such a situation, if the urine is milky white, then consult a doctor and get treated.

6. Green colored urine
Green colored urine is caused by a bacteria called Pseudomonas. Asparagus and some food coloring can also cause green urine.