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Weather Report: Breathing Hazard in Delhi-NCR – AQI Reaches Alarming Levels

IMD Weather Prediction of 25 October 2023: Delhi-NCR’s Air Quality Woes

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a concerning weather prediction for Delhi-NCR (National Capital Region) on the 25th of October 2023. According to their forecast, the air quality index in Delhi-NCR is expected to deteriorate significantly. The report indicates that on the 24th of October, the pollution levels in the region were already quite high. Today, on the 25th of October, it is estimated that the air quality might fall into the “severely poor” category. Furthermore, the next three days are also expected to witness air quality in the “poor” to “severely poor” range.

A Breathless Situation in Delhi-NCR

Delhi-NCR residents are currently grappling with hazardous air conditions, a situation that has left many breathless. As the IMD’s weather predictions indicate, the air quality in the region is poised to get worse. This impending crisis demands immediate attention and action to safeguard the health of the people residing in this area.

Mountains Beckon with Pleasant Weather

On a brighter note, while Delhi-NCR faces air quality concerns, the mountains are experiencing delightful weather conditions. If you’ve been contemplating a trip to the hills, now is an ideal time to embark on your journey. With the monsoon season behind us, and no sign of the western disturbance until the first week of November, the weather in the mountains is expected to remain clear, making it a perfect time for a mountain getaway. The Meteorological Department has released a significant weather update for the next 15 days, which you should certainly be aware of.

Plan Your Getaway

According to the IMD, in the absence of the western disturbance, the days in the mountains will be cool, comfortable, and sunny. Nights, on the other hand, will be chilly and perfect for stargazing. For those planning a mountain retreat, the next 15 days promise excellent conditions for tourism. During this period, the risk of landslides in the mountains is also minimal, ensuring a safer experience for travelers.

Wait for Snowfall in the High Mountains

If you’re eager to experience snowfall in the higher reaches of the mountains, you might need to wait until the second week of November, as the IMD suggests. During this time, the possibility of an active western disturbance could lead to rainfall and snowfall in various regions. Therefore, if witnessing snowfall is on your bucket list, consider planning your mountain expedition in the second week of November. December and January may also bring repeated western disturbances, which could result in rain in lower regions and snowfall in the upper areas.

Rain Predictions in Several States

According to the private weather website Skymet Weather, there is a possibility of light rain in Bihar, Jharkhand, interior Odisha, western West Bengal, and coastal Andhra Pradesh. In Mizoram and Tripura, there are chances of moderate rainfall. Even the western Himalayan region might experience sporadic light rain. Additionally, Manipur, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and Lakshadweep are also anticipating light to moderate rainfall. Odisha’s northern coast, Gangetic West Bengal, and Kerala may witness scattered showers.

The Health of Delhi-NCR at Stake

The Central Pollution Control Board has sounded the alarm regarding Delhi-NCR’s air quality index for the upcoming week. According to their predictions, the pollution levels on the 24th of October were already in the ‘poor’ category. However, for the 25th of October, it is expected to fall into the ‘severely poor’ category. Subsequently, on the 26th and 27th of October, there might be some improvement, but it will likely still be classified as ‘poor.’ There is a looming threat of the air quality remaining in the ‘severely poor’ category for the following three days.

In conclusion, the residents of Delhi-NCR must be cautious and take necessary precautions to protect their health during this period of poor air quality. Additionally, it’s an opportune moment for mountain enthusiasts to plan their getaways, given the favorable weather conditions.