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Water hyacinth extraction operation started in Gomti, JCB installed


Lucknow In Lucknow, water hyacinth extraction started between Mankameshwar ghat and Jhulelal ghat of river Gomti. The municipal officials deployed a JCB to remove the dirty water. Workers are also employed to bring the water flowing in the river to the shore.

The Aam Aadmi Party and the Samajwadi Party have in the past raised a question mark on the cleanliness of the Gomti river through social media due to the increase in the share of water in the Gomti river. After this, due to municipal elections, the pace of cleaning work in Gomti river slowed down. As soon as the winning BJP candidate and current mayor Sushma Kharwal became active after the elections, the municipal corporation accelerated the removal of water pollution.

Every year before the rains, the river Gomti flows. A similar scene is seen in the river even after rains. Currently, people are seen engaged in water pollution removal from morning till evening. According to the deployed workers, they have been instructed to undertake the task of cleaning the river water hyacinth before the rains. This work is being done by the contractor.

More hyacinths on the other side of the river

At the other end of the river Gomti is a watershed. The removal of water hyacinth from the other end will now take place in the second phase. First the water hyacinth will be removed from the ripe ghats. After that, JCB will be seen doing further work on Kacha Ghat. Two JCBs have been deployed for decontamination of water.