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Vivek Ramaswamy’s Mission: How He Plans to Liberate the US from China’s Economic Grip

Vivek Ramaswamy: Strengthening International Ties for Economic Independence

In a recent development, Indian-American entrepreneur and Republican presidential hopeful, Vivek Ramaswamy, expressed his eagerness to expand relations with countries like India, aiming to achieve “economic independence” from China, as he embarks on a new business policy.

According to a report by The New York Post, Ramaswamy, at the age of 38, has identified India, Israel, Brazil, and Chile as the nations he intends to cultivate financial ties with, aiming to establish business relationships with these countries.

Ramaswamy’s Trust in India

Ramaswamy, in addition to placing his trust in Israel to reduce “pharmaceutical dependence” on China, has also expressed confidence in India. He has included India in his plans to secure rare Earth minerals, such as lithium, alongside Brazil and Chile, which are crucial for semiconductor production.

While addressing a gathering at a plastic manufacturing plant in New Albany, Ohio, he presented a four-pronged strategy to detach from China, effectively countering the Chinese Communist Party. In this plan, he emphasized the importance of balancing economic concerns with national security.

Ramaswamy stated, “Today, who is our top adversary? It’s not the USSR, which collapsed in 1990… as some seem to have forgotten. Today, our top adversary is communist China.”

Climate Change Agenda: A Deception

Reiterating his stance in his first GOP primary debate, he reiterated that the “climate change agenda is a deception.” According to The New York Post’s report, there is no connection between this issue and climate change, and it is more about bringing China on par with America, as Beijing’s greenhouse gas emissions far exceed those of other developed nations.

Ramaswamy further stated, “To declare independence from China, we must declare independence from the climate change agenda here at home… I have no problem with electric vehicles and their purchase. But I do have a problem with subsidizing an industry that bends over backward for the Chinese Communist Party, which we depend on for the production of those EVs. The same story goes for solar panels in this country.”

As per The New York Post, Ramaswamy’s plan involves turning to countries like India, Brazil, and Chile for the import of rare Earth minerals, vital for semiconductor production, while reducing dependence on China. This strategy aims to ensure a balanced approach to economic and national security concerns.

In conclusion, Vivek Ramaswamy’s vision of reducing economic dependence on China by strengthening ties with countries like India, Israel, Brazil, and Chile is a bold and strategic move. His emphasis on balancing economic interests with national security concerns reflects the changing dynamics of global trade. As he rightly points out, addressing these challenges is essential to achieving true economic independence.