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Virat Kohli’s Historic Feat: Creating History Against Pakistan with 90 Runs

Virat Kohli’s Record-Breaking Pursuit: A Historic Milestone Awaits


In the high-stakes world of cricket, few names resonate as powerfully as Virat Kohli’s. The Indian cricketing sensation has been on a relentless pursuit of records, and in the upcoming Asia Cup 2023 Super 4 match against Pakistan, he stands on the cusp of etching his name in the annals of cricketing history. This article delves into the significance of this match, the milestone Kohli aims to achieve, and the exclusive club he’s about to join.

The Asia Cup 2023 Showdown

The much-anticipated Asia Cup 2023 has already witnessed thrilling clashes between arch-rivals India and Pakistan. In a rain-affected match, India had made an impressive start with 147 runs on the board for the loss of 2 wickets in 24.1 overs, powered by Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill’s aggressive half-centuries. However, the rain gods intervened, forcing the match to be postponed to the reserve day, which falls on Monday.

Kohli’s Historic Ascent

Virat Kohli, the stalwart of Indian cricket, currently stands with 12,910 runs in One Day Internationals (ODIs). His astonishing consistency and exceptional batting prowess have catapulted him to the brink of a monumental achievement. If Kohli manages to score 90 runs in the upcoming match against Pakistan, he will breach the 13,000-run mark in ODIs, a feat only achieved by the legendary Sachin Tendulkar in Indian cricketing history.

Joining the Elite Club

The list of cricketers who have scored more than 13,000 runs in ODIs is incredibly exclusive, and Kohli’s entry into this illustrious club would make him the second Indian batsman to achieve this remarkable feat. Presently, only four batsmen worldwide have crossed this milestone, showcasing the enormity of this achievement.

A Glimpse into the Elite Five

Let’s take a look at the illustrious list of cricketers who have amassed over 13,000 runs in ODIs:

  1. Sachin Tendulkar (India) – 18,426 runs
  2. Kumar Sangakkara (Sri Lanka) – 14,234 runs
  3. Ricky Ponting (Australia) – 13,704 runs
  4. Sanath Jayasuriya (Sri Lanka) – 13,430 runs
  5. Virat Kohli (India) – 12,910 runs

Kohli’s impending achievement would elevate him to the fifth position on this prestigious list, solidifying his status as one of the greatest ODI batsmen ever.

Chasing Sachin’s Shadows

Sachin Tendulkar’s records have always been monumental milestones in Indian cricket. In the realm of international cricket, Tendulkar’s 18,426 runs in ODIs represent a seemingly unattainable pinnacle. However, Virat Kohli’s relentless pursuit has brought him closer to Tendulkar’s colossal figures, making him the only Indian batsman with a realistic chance of challenging Tendulkar’s supremacy in this domain.

The Race to Immortality

While Kohli inches closer to Sachin’s ODI run tally, he is not far behind in the overall international run-scoring chart. Let’s take a glimpse at the list of cricketers with the most international runs:

  1. Sachin Tendulkar (India) – 34,357 runs
  2. Kumar Sangakkara (Sri Lanka) – 28,016 runs
  3. Ricky Ponting (Australia) – 27,483 runs
  4. Mahela Jayawardene (Sri Lanka) – 25,957 runs
  5. Virat Kohli (India) – 25,586 runs
  6. Jacques Kallis (South Africa) – 25,534 runs
  7. Rahul Dravid (India) – 24,208 runs

Kohli’s name prominently features in this elite list, showcasing his remarkable consistency across all formats of the game.

Centuries Galore

Virat Kohli’s insatiable appetite for centuries is another feather in his cap. In the realm of international cricket, centuries are a testament to a batsman’s skill and dominance. Let’s glance at the top centurions in international cricket:

  1. Sachin Tendulkar (India) – 100 centuries
  2. Virat Kohli (India) – 76 centuries
  3. Ricky Ponting (Australia) – 71 centuries
  4. Kumar Sangakkara (Sri Lanka) – 63 centuries
  5. Jacques Kallis (South Africa) – 62 centuries
  6. Hashim Amla (South Africa) – 55 centuries

Kohli’s extraordinary ability to consistently convert starts into centuries has placed him in second place on this prestigious list, a testament to his incredible batting prowess.


In the world of cricket, Virat Kohli stands as a modern-day legend, consistently rewriting the record books with his exceptional performances. As he prepares to face Pakistan in the Asia Cup 2023, the cricketing fraternity watches in anticipation, hoping to witness yet another historic moment in the illustrious career of this Indian maestro