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Vastu Tips: With these remedies of salt, luck will shine overnight, money will be attracted like a magnet

Money Vastu Tips: Everyone knows how important salt is for our food. No food is complete without salt. Along with this, according to Vastu Shastra, salt and rock salt are also very effective remedies, especially in fighting against negative energy. We can use rock salt in many ways, by which all the negative energies around us will go away and all the obstacles to happiness and prosperity will be removed. Let us tell you about the wonderful Vastu remedies of rock salt.

Vastu Shastra tells us that if we put a little salt in a glass vessel or bowl with four-five cloves and keep it in any corner of the house, it brings Lakshmi to the house. There is success in every field in the house, and happiness, and peace will also remain. A good fragrance is also maintained in the house with salt and clove water.

Vastu defect will be removed

Keeping crystal salt in a bowl in the bathroom has a different significance. Keep it in the bathroom in such a place where no one can touch it with their hands and keep in mind that keep changing the salt from the bowl every few days. This will remove the Vastu defects of the bathroom.

The economic crisis will go away

Vastu Shastra also tells us that if a person is going through a financial crisis, salt can be used to effectively overcome the situation. For this, keep a spoonful of salt in a glass bowl with four to five cloves in a corner of the house where no one else can see it. This will remove your financial crisis.

salt water bath

While taking a bath, mix one spoon of rock salt in the bath water. Take a bath with this salt water for at least 21 days (about 3 weeks) and then take a bath twice a week. When we take a bath with this saltwater it helps to remove all the negative energies from your aura and you will feel really fresh and clean. Salt also absorbs toxins from the body and also helps in relaxing your muscles.

Keep bowls of salt in the corners of the room

Place glass bowls filled with rock salt in the corners of the room and remove them after 10-12 hours. During this, the salt will absorb the negative energy present in the house. Then throw this salt away from home immediately. Keeping it for a long time can also have a wrong effect.

Clean the house with rock salt

Mix one tablespoon of rock salt in a bucket of water and wipe the floor with this salt water. It is a great way to drive away all the negativity. Make sure you wring out this water after mopping the floor. This can be done regularly or at least once a week at any place.

rock salt lamp

There are many benefits of lighting a salt lamp at home. Blocks of salt Place candles. They are said to help improve health by releasing positive vibrations in the air. They are also very effective in removing negative energy from your home. It should be cleaned regularly. By doing this, there is never any problem in the house.

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