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Vastu Tips: These plants planted in the house never let the visits to the hospital end, they cause a lot of trouble

2882288 Plants 4Plants for Home: Vastu Shastra gives great importance to trees and plants. The energy of trees and plants affects the surrounding environment. Therefore, Vastu Shastra has given important rules about auspicious and inauspicious plants, the right direction to plant them and their maintenance. If there is the right plant at the right place in the house, then positivity, happiness, good luck, prosperity comes in the house. On the other hand, an inauspicious plant planted in the house increases negativity, sorrow, suffering, poverty, diseases. Therefore, one should be very careful about keeping plants in the house. These plants can also have a bad effect on relationships. Also, they increase stress. Let us know which trees and plants should not be planted in the house. 

Do not plant these plants at home 

Peepal and Banyan Tree – In Hinduism, Banyan and Peepal trees are considered very auspicious. But these trees should never be planted in the house. Rather, Peepal tree sometimes grows on its own in the house, in such a case, remove it with respect. These trees should be planted only in temples or public places. If these trees are in the house, then many troubles and sorrows surround life. 

Thorny plants – Do not plant acacia, henna, plum or any tree or plant in the house which has thorns. These trees have a bad effect on the health of the people in the house. Often some disease or the other persists. It also has a bad effect on relationships. 

Plants that exude milk – Never plant such plants in your house whose stems or leaves exude milk. Such plants cause diseases and poverty in the house. The people of the house remain under stress. Their progress stops. The people of such houses keep visiting the hospital again and again and money keeps getting spent on treatment. 

Do not plant trees in front of the house

Apart from this, according to Vastu Shastra, one should never plant any tree or plant right in front of the house or in the middle. This stops progress. One problem after another keeps on arising in the house