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Vastu Tips for Money Plant: Should Money Plant be stolen and planted at home?


Vastu Tips For Money Plant: Trees, plants and rivers are worshiped in India. It is believed that the gods reside in trees and plants. People plant many plants in their house for auspiciousness. One such plant is the money plant, which is found in most homes.

It is believed that there is no shortage of money in the house where this plant is kept. Some people believe that this plant gives auspicious effect only if stolen and planted in someone else’s house. But let us tell you that this is completely wrong.

According to Vastu Shastra, money plant should never be stolen. Vastu Shastra says that if you do this then you are doing wrong because planting a money plant in the house in this way not only worsens the economic condition but poverty persists in the house and this plant has adverse effects in the house. It also affects the health of the family. People start getting sick and family discord starts.

Keep these things in mind before planting money plant at home

  • Buy money plant with your own money, not by stealing.
  • Try to keep money plants indoors, avoid them outdoors.
  • Keeping money plant in a glass bottle is considered auspicious.
  • It should not be kept in a plastic bottle, it is not good for health.
  • Money plant can be planted in pots or even in the ground, it is also good for home and family.
  • According to Vastu, planting money plant in the south-east direction is auspicious in every way.
  • Irrigating the money plant daily by adding water and milk on Friday gives auspicious results, there is no shortage of money in the house.
  • Money plant should never be planted in bunches, its vines should be grown one by one.
  • Money money plant vines should never hang above the ground. They should be installed in one direction upwards.

The leaves of money plant are coin shaped, hence it is called money plant. It is the standard of prosperity, purity and auspiciousness. It is also called a very lucky and good plant in Feng Shui. They believe that the environment where these plants live is extremely pure. Seeing this, there is communication of positive energy within the person. It is also known for love and peace.