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Uttar Pradesh Deluge: IMD Sounds Alarm as Torrential Rains Flood 28 Districts

UP Weather Report: Uttar Pradesh Grapples with Heavy Rainfall


In recent days, the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, with its capital city Lucknow and several other districts, has been facing the wrath of relentless rainfall. This downpour has left the region grappling with severe flooding, waterlogged streets, and a general sense of chaos. In this article, we will delve into the details of the situation, the areas affected, and the measures being taken to mitigate the crisis.

The Rainfall Situation

The incessant heavy rainfall in Uttar Pradesh has caused widespread distress among its residents. People in the capital city of Lucknow are particularly affected, as they find themselves dealing with a situation akin to a deluge. The main roads have turned into virtual rivers, with water levels reaching up to a foot in some places. The continuous heavy rain has overwhelmed drainage systems, leading to severe waterlogging in various neighborhoods.

Alerts in 28 Districts

The state’s weather department has issued alerts in 28 districts of Uttar Pradesh. These districts include Ambedkarnagar, Amethi, Auraiya, Ayodhya, Bahraich, Banda, Bareilly, Barabanki, Chitrakoot, Etawah, Farrukhabad, Fatehpur, Gonda, Hamirpur, Jalaun, Jhansi, Kannauj, Kanpur, Lakhimpur Kheri, Lalitpur, Lucknow, Mahoba, Mainpuri, Pilibhit, Raebareli, Shahjahanpur, Sitapur, Sultanpur, and Unnao. All these districts are on high alert due to heavy rainfall.

The Situation in Lucknow

Lucknow, the state’s capital, has been hit particularly hard by the torrential rain. Many areas are now submerged under water, and multi-story buildings’ parking lots have turned into pools. The heavy downpour has forced people to stay indoors, with waterlogged streets making it nearly impossible to venture outside. Authorities in Lucknow have declared an alert and taken immediate action. Dr. Roshan Jacob, the district magistrate, visited key areas, including the High Court and Lohia Chowk, to assess the flooding situation and ordered the deployment of pumps to alleviate the waterlogging.

Barabanki Faces a Deluge

Barabanki, too, is grappling with severe rainfall. Lower-lying areas have been inundated, and many residents are stranded in their homes. After heavy rain, water has entered the premises of Nelson Hospital in the city. The relentless rainfall has caused water accumulation in various low-lying areas.

Railway Tracks Underwater

In Muradabad, the situation took a dire turn as railway tracks got submerged under water. The water level on the tracks became so high that it became challenging to operate trains. As a result, three trains had to be diverted, and nine others were canceled. Additionally, in Rampur, the streets and alleys have been inundated due to the rain, causing significant inconvenience to the local population.

Measures Taken by the UP Government

The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has taken swift action in response to the crisis. He has directed officials to manage drainage and monitor river water levels closely. Furthermore, he has appealed to the public to stay indoors unless it is absolutely necessary to venture outside. As a precautionary measure, all schools up to the 12th grade have been temporarily closed by the district administration.

Monitoring Water Levels

The situation at the Gomati Barrage has also been closely monitored, and instructions have been issued to maintain water levels at manageable levels.


The heavy rainfall in Uttar Pradesh has thrown life out of gear in many districts, particularly Lucknow, Barabanki, and Muradabad. The state government, along with local authorities, is working tirelessly to alleviate the situation and provide relief to the affected population. However, the unpredictable weather continues to pose challenges. It is essential for residents to exercise caution and adhere to the safety guidelines issued by authorities to ensure their well-being.