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Uofri Javed: Earlier everyone used to laugh, today in the eyes of the fashion industry, this is Urfi Javed’s status…

Uofri Javed Fashion: Urfi Javed is known today from big stars to all celebrities. Whether it is about films or the fashion industry. Today the situation is such that people laugh at her or do not care about her, Urfi Javed does not care, she has made her place. The special thing is that whether he himself believes it or not, the people of the fashion industry have accepted this truth. Urfi was first seen by people in Bigg Boss and then no one knew that this girl from Lucknow would make a solid identity among the people so fast.

has the wrong effect

Today, the alias not only makes videos on the basis of her fashion sense and puts them on social media, but also reaches among people wearing dresses in a head-turning style. It is a different matter that many do not like his style and they also criticize Urfi sharply. She is accused of promoting nudity in the name of fashion. What she wears has a bad effect on teenage girls and young girls. But it cannot be denied that Urfi is the paparazzi’s favorite and her videos are viewed by lakhs every day.

If you feel chilly
Urfi is sometimes seen in a dress made of sackcloth, and sometimes of pieces of silk cloth. She makes a dress by wrapping the thread around her body, sometimes she makes videos by covering herself with ornaments or even plastic flowers. His every work becomes a topic of discussion. Urfi says that she does not act on anyone’s instructions, but whatever she does, she does for herself. They do what they like. Urfi says that if anyone has a problem seeing her off-color dresses, that is her own perspective. She can’t do anything about it.

the biggest thing
The reality is that today Urfi has more recognition and fan following than many TV stars or celebrities. Even big stalwarts in the fashion industry have started accepting her iron that she surprises people by doing new experiments on her own. This is the reason that now veteran fashion designers have started calling them. They have started believing that Urfi has her own style. Recently, famous designer Amit Agarwal invited her to inaugurate his store in Delhi. Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla, who designed clothes for the Bachchan family, first surprised people by wearing their dresses to Urfi Javed. After this, designers like Shantanu and Nikhil, and Gaurav Gupta called and honored Urfi at the launch of their Mumbai stores. Urfi is only 25 years old. Fashion designers have accepted their iron. They have accepted that Urfi has a fashion sense, but the bigger thing is her bravery. She does fashion in her own style. Doesn’t care about anyone.