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Unveiling the Silent Surge: Why Breast Cancer is on the Rise Among Young Women in India? Get Insights from Experts

Breast Cancer WhiteBreast cancer is emerging as a significant threat to young women in India over the past few decades. Dr. Mandeep Singh Malhotra, Director of Surgical Oncology at Seke Bidla Hospital in Delhi, sheds light on the escalating risk and explores the multiple reasons contributing to this phenomenon.

Lifestyle and Reproductive Factors

Early Menarche

The age at which girls experience their first menstrual cycle plays a crucial role. Early menarche leads to reduced overall estrogen exposure, a significant factor in breast cancer.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Physical inactivity and obesity are linked to hormonal changes that can increase the risk of breast cancer.


Prolonged stress can influence hormones and contribute to the development of cancer.

Delayed Childbearing and Fewer Pregnancies

Late childbirth and fewer pregnancies elevate estrogen exposure, potentially raising the risk.

Limited Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding provides protective benefits against breast cancer; hence, inadequate breastfeeding may increase the risk.

Environmental Factors

Unhealthy Diet

Consuming an unhealthy diet, high in processed foods and low in fruits and vegetables, may escalate the risk of breast cancer.

Water Quality

Toxins and pollutants in water may pose a risk of cancer development.

Air Pollution

Studies suggest a potential link between air pollution and breast cancer, emphasizing the impact of smog on increasing the risk.

Hereditary Factors

BRCA and Related Gene Mutations

Mutations in genes like BRCA are significant factors, and studies indicate a potentially higher prevalence in India compared to other countries.

Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

This aggressive form of breast cancer, often affecting young women, might be associated with BRCA mutations.

Ongoing Research

Research continues to explore various factors contributing to the increased risk of breast cancer in young women in India. While the mentioned factors provide insights, there are still unknown causes that ongoing research aims to uncover.

The identified factors shed light on the risk of breast cancer, but it’s essential to acknowledge that several factors remain unknown. Continuous research is exploring additional elements to understand why the risk of breast cancer is increasing among young women in India.