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Unveiling the Marvelous Celebration: Dive into the Complete Schedule of Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha from January 15 to 22

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The nation eagerly awaits the historic moment on January 22, 2024, when the idol of the revered Lord Rama will be consecrated in the sanctum sanctorum of the grand Ramlala Temple in Ayodhya. The anticipation surrounding this event is palpable, given the 500 years of collective effort and dedication that has gone into the construction of this monumental temple. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to preside over the Ramallah Pran Pratishtha, marking a significant milestone in the cultural and spiritual history of India.

Countdown to the Event

As the nation counts down to this momentous occasion, the week-long celebration in Ayodhya is set to captivate millions. Of particular importance is the 84-second window, a time deemed as the most auspicious by astrologers and scholars, chosen for the installation of Ramlala’s idol. This brief moment, from 12:29:08 to 12:30:32 on January 22, 2024, aligns with the positioning of the sun in the sky and the presence of the Mrigashira Nakshatra, making it an unparalleled time for this sacred act.

Astrological Significance

Jyotish and Dharmavid’s careful consideration of astrological factors adds an extra layer of significance to the event. The meticulous selection of this brief window ensures not only the alignment of celestial bodies but also the absence of malefic influences, creating a sacred and harmonious atmosphere for Ramlala’s Pran Pratishtha.

Ramlala Temple Schedule

The Ramlala Temple has meticulously planned a schedule of events from January 15 to January 22, 2024, to mark the grand celebration. The series of rituals, ceremonies, and cultural events will create an immersive experience for devotees and visitors alike.

Makar Sankranti Celebrations

The festivities commence on January 15, coinciding with the auspicious day of Makar Sankranti, signifying the end of the Kharmas period. It is on this day that Ramlala’s idol, in the form of the young Lord Rama, will be placed in the sanctum sanctorum, symbolizing the beginning of the Pran Pratishtha preparations.

Residence Ceremony on January 16, 2024

Following the idol placement, a series of ceremonies will ensue, starting with the residence ceremony on January 16, 2024. This marks the beginning of Ramlala’s stay within the temple premises, signifying the spiritual connection between the deity and the devotees.

Nagar Bhraman on January 17, 2024

On January 17, Ramlala’s idol will embark on a Nagar Bhraman, a procession through the city of Ayodhya. This grand event will witness the participation of countless devotees, adding to the vibrancy and fervor of the celebration.

Main Pran Pratishtha Ceremony on January 18, 2024

The focal point of the celebrations is the main Pran Pratishtha ceremony scheduled for January 18, 2024. The day will be marked by various pujas, including Mandap entry puja, Vastu puja, Varun puja, Vighnaharta Ganesh puja, and Martika puja. These rituals will set the stage for the divine installation of Ramlala’s idol.

Yajna Agni Kund Establishment on January 19, 2024

Continuing the sequence of events, January 19, 2024, will witness the establishment of the Yajna Agni Kund. The sacred fire will be ignited through Arani Manthan, symbolizing purity and sanctity. Additionally, Navagraha homa will be performed to align the celestial energies with the sanctum.

Garbhagriha Sanctification on January 20, 2024

January 20, 2024, holds a special significance as the day when the inner sanctum, or Garbhagriha, will be sanctified. Water from 81 Kalashas, each containing water from different rivers, will be used to purify the sacred space, creating a spiritually charged atmosphere within the temple.