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Unruly in UP: Muradabad’s Reckless Roamers! Outrageous Mischief After Ambedkarnagar; Confronting Harassment Sparks Fury

UP Crime News: Moradabad Molestation Case Raises Concerns Over Women’s Safety

In recent days, the state of Uttar Pradesh has witnessed a disturbing increase in incidents of harassment and molestation, leaving citizens deeply concerned about the safety of women and girls. The Moradabad molestation case, which closely followed a similar incident in Ambedkarnagar, has sparked outrage and calls for action. This article delves into the details of the Moradabad incident and the broader issue of women’s safety in Uttar Pradesh.

The Moradabad Molestation Incident

The incident in question took place in Moradabad, where a young girl, a ninth-grade student returning from school, became a victim of a harrowing ordeal. As she was riding her bicycle home after school on a Monday afternoon, a group of miscreants began harassing her. When she ignored their advances and attempted to move away, the situation escalated dramatically. The miscreants deliberately collided with her bicycle, causing her to fall. When she protested against this assault, they viciously attacked her with a sharp weapon before fleeing the scene.

The girl’s injuries were severe, with her neck and head bearing the brunt of the attack. Her life was spared, but she endured significant physical and emotional trauma. The only “crime” she committed was resisting the advances of these miscreants who had no respect for her dignity or safety.

The Aftermath and Seeking Justice

Local villagers who witnessed the injured girl immediately rushed her to the hospital, and her family was informed of the incident. Despite receiving medical treatment and surviving the attack, the victim and her family are demanding justice for the heinous crime committed against her.

Initially, the victim’s family had suspicions that the perpetrators might be from a well-known local gang, but as investigations progressed, it became apparent that these criminals were not affiliated with any specific group. This revelation raised concerns about the overall law and order situation in the region.

Police Action and Political Promises

The local police swiftly took action, arresting two suspects involved in the attack. However, when these suspects were taken for a medical examination, they attempted to escape, leading to a confrontation with the police. In the ensuing struggle, both miscreants were shot in the legs by the police.

The incident has drawn the attention of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, who, in the past, had made strong statements regarding women’s safety. He had once proclaimed that those who harm women would face the wrath of “Yamraj” (the god of death) at the next crossroads. However, it appears that neither “Yamraj” nor effective law enforcement were present in either the Ambedkarnagar or Moradabad incidents.

The Broader Issue of Women’s Safety

These incidents have reignited the debate on women’s safety in Uttar Pradesh. Despite government assurances of improved safety for women and girls, the reality on the ground seems far from satisfactory. It is a harsh reminder that women in the state continue to face grave risks to their safety and dignity.

The incidents in Ambedkarnagar and Moradabad highlight the urgent need for concrete measures to ensure the safety of women and girls. Mere promises and rhetoric are not enough; what is required is effective and sustained action to curb such crimes and ensure swift justice for the victims.


The Moradabad molestation case serves as a stark reminder of the challenges that women and girls in Uttar Pradesh face daily. It is imperative that the government and law enforcement agencies take proactive steps to address these issues and create a safer environment for women. Only then can the state truly claim to be a place where every woman and girl can live without fear.