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Unraveling the Mysteries of India’s Oceanic Dominance: Inside the ‘Vishwamitra’ DNA Mission

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Vishvamitra Mission: Transforming India’s Global Image

In recent times, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has often referenced India as ‘Vishvamitra’ on numerous occasions. It’s true that India has crafted its image globally akin to Vishvamitra, and the world now perceives India as a friend. Countries that were once distant from India are now extending hands of friendship towards it. With changing times, India is evolving, extending aid to others, a phenomenon witnessed not just once but multiple times by the world. Whenever, wherever there’s a need for India’s assistance, India has always shown readiness.

The Maritime Operation against Pirates

India once again demonstrated valor in the seas, this time rescuing citizens of a country notorious for its hostile activities against India – Pakistan.

  • On March 29, the Indian Navy conducted an operation against maritime pirates near Somalia, rescuing 23 Pakistanis.
  • These Pakistanis were aboard the Al Kambar 786, an Iranian vessel engaged in fishing.
  • Nine armed sea bandits had hijacked this Iranian vessel near Socotra.
  • Subsequently, the Indian Navy launched an operation, after 12 hours of intense action, compelling all 9 pirates to surrender, ensuring the safe rescue of all 23 Pakistanis.

Indian Navy’s Operation Resolve

The vessel hijacked by Somali pirates was approximately 166 kilometers southwest of the Socotra Island in Yemen. Upon receiving the hijack alert, the Indian Navy swiftly dispatched its warship INS Sumedha to intercept the Iranian vessel. The guided missile frigate INS Trishul assisted in this operation. India’s focus during this operation wasn’t on the nationality of the individuals aboard the hijacked vessel but on its humanitarian duty. The Indian Navy successfully fulfilled this duty.

Operation Sankalp: Indian Navy’s Initiative

In the Arabian Sea, the Indian Navy has launched an operation named ‘Operation Sankalp’. This campaign extends from the Gulf of Aden to the Arabian Sea surrounding it, and up to the Somali coast. Piracy and terrorism have plagued this region for a long time. Indian Navy remains on high alert to combat this menace, having saved more than 110 foreign nationals so far.

The Changing Perception of India

India’s bravery at sea is now being acknowledged globally. India is saving lives of citizens from other countries, combating maritime piracy effectively. This global friendship is what India stands for, reflecting its growing strength.

External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar affirmed that India doesn’t just rescue people for gratitude; it’s about projecting the changing face of India. Whether it’s on land or at sea, India continues to extend a helping hand.

Indian Navy’s Success and Efforts

The Operation Sankalp by the Indian Navy has been highly successful, with over 133 lives saved till now. This includes 62 Pakistanis and 30 Iranians. Within a span of 100 days, the Indian Navy has responded to 18 incidents at sea.

India’s Operation Sankalp involves deploying over 5000 naval personnel and 21 to 22 vessels. Indian fighter aircraft have flown approximately 900 hours during this period. India’s proactive stance against maritime piracy has instilled fear in the hearts of sea pirates.

In conclusion, India’s naval prowess is now being recognized worldwide. India’s efforts in combating maritime piracy and extending assistance to those in need are shaping its image positively on the global stage.