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Unlocking Work-Life Freedom: Citibank’s Innovative WFH Benefit After Maternity Leave

Citi Bank’s New Policy: Empowering Women Employees with Work From Home (WFH) Option

In a groundbreaking move, Citi Bank India, one of the leading private sector banks, has introduced a novel work policy aimed at enhancing the work-life balance of its female employees. Under this policy, female employees can avail the benefits of working from home (WFH) for up to 12 months following a 26-week maternity leave. This revolutionary initiative is being viewed as a pioneering step in the banking sector, setting a new precedent for employee well-being.

The Flexibility of 12-Month WFH

This innovative policy allows female employees to opt for WFH for an extended period after their maternity leave. The policy is designed to accommodate the needs of new mothers, allowing them to continue their professional responsibilities while nurturing their families. Aditya Mittal, the HR Head of the bank, emphasized that this policy is a first-of-its-kind move by a bank in India. It enables new mothers to strike a harmonious balance between their personal and professional lives, fostering a more inclusive and supportive work environment.

A Strategic Decision

Citi Bank’s decision to implement an extended WFH policy comes at a time when the bank has recently exited its consumer banking business in India. With this move, the bank is gearing up to hire approximately 5,000 employees in the next two years. This ambitious recruitment plan aligns with the bank’s commitment to supporting women in the workplace.

The Strength in Numbers

Citi India boasts a workforce of over 30,000 employees, with 38% of them being women. Mittal stated, “A significant portion of our female employees are in the childbearing age, and this policy has become a major attraction for women in the workforce.” It’s worth noting that, as per government regulations, private limited companies currently grant female employees 26 weeks of maternity leave.


Citi Bank India’s introduction of an extended WFH policy for female employees reflects a progressive approach to work-life balance. By prioritizing the needs of new mothers, the bank is setting a benchmark for employee-friendly policies in the banking industry. This move not only empowers women but also promotes diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.