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Unlocking the Secrets: Why Gold and Silver Became Affordable Before Dhanteras

2440435 Gold SilverUnlocking Diwali Delights: The Current Trends in Gold Prices


Diwali, the festival of lights and prosperity, is just around the corner, casting its festive glow across the nation. As Diwali and Dhanteras approach, individuals are gearing up to purchase gold and silver. Excitingly, there’s good news for prospective buyers as gold and silver prices have experienced a significant dip just ahead of Dhanteras. Let’s delve into the details of this opportune development and explore what it means for those looking to invest in precious metals.

1. Price Drop in Gold

1.1 Global Weakness Signals

Amidst weak global indicators, the local bullion market witnessed a substantial drop in gold prices on Thursday. Gold, which was previously trading at INR 61,350 per 10 grams, has now descended to INR 60,950, marking a decline of INR 400.

1.2 International Impact

The international market also reflects this downward trend, with gold prices settling at $1,950 per ounce, presenting a lucrative opportunity for buyers. This drop is significant, considering the recent economic slowdown in various foreign markets.

2. Silver Lows

2.1 Parallel Plunge

Mirroring the trend in gold, silver prices have also taken a hit. The rates plummeted by INR 300 per kilogram, securing the current price at INR 73,300 per kilogram.

2.2 International Parity

Internationally, silver has maintained its position at $22.45 per ounce despite facing setbacks. Analysts suggest that the current economic climate, as indicated by Jerome Powell, the Federal Reserve Chief, has influenced these fluctuations.

3. Market Analysis

3.1 Expert Commentary

Leading analysts from HDFC Securities note that the local market has responded to the global economic slowdown. The significant drop in gold and silver prices locally can be attributed to the aftereffects of market sluggishness witnessed in foreign economies.

3.2 Domestic Impact

As the global market grapples with economic uncertainties, domestic markets are absorbing the shocks. Buyers can leverage this situation to acquire precious metals at more affordable rates than in previous trading sessions.

4. Future Projections

4.1 Continuing Trends

Experts opine that the current trajectory in gold and silver prices may persist in the coming weeks. The volatility in the international markets and the quest for clues in Jerome Powell’s speeches are likely to keep prices in flux.

4.2 Smart Buying Opportunities

For those planning to make festive purchases, this presents a golden opportunity (pun intended). Capitalizing on the reduced prices can lead to substantial savings, especially during the auspicious occasion of Dhanteras.


In conclusion, the dip in gold and silver prices just ahead of Dhanteras opens up exciting possibilities for buyers. The convergence of global economic uncertainties and domestic market dynamics has created a unique scenario for individuals looking to invest in precious metals.