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Unlocking the Debate: UP Assembly Set to Present Bill Mandating Permission for Lifts

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 Ensuring Lift Safety: Uttar Pradesh Takes a Crucial Step

In a significant move to enhance the safety of elevators, the Uttar Pradesh Vidhan Sabha is set to present a bill on Tuesday (06 January). Media reports suggest that obtaining permission from the energy department will be mandatory before installing lifts. Additionally, the bill proposes annual servicing of lifts, along with the installation of emergency alarms and CCTV for added security.

The Proposed Bill and its Critical Components

Requirement of Energy Department Permission

Before elevators can be installed, the bill mandates seeking permission from the energy department. This step is crucial to ensure that the installation complies with safety standards and regulations.

Mandatory Annual Servicing

To prevent accidents and malfunctions, the proposed bill emphasizes the necessity of annual servicing for all lifts. Regular maintenance is seen as a proactive measure to address potential issues and keep the elevators in optimal condition.

Inclusion of Emergency Alarms and CCTV

Enhancing security measures, the bill proposes the installation of emergency alarms and closed-circuit television (CCTV) in lifts. These features aim to provide a safer environment for passengers and act as a deterrent against potential mishaps.

Yogi Adityanath’s Proactive Approach

In response to several lift accidents, particularly in the vicinity of Delhi and Noida, the Yogi Adityanath government has taken a proactive stance. Prompt directives were issued to officials to ensure the safety and proper maintenance of lifts across the state.

Government’s Immediate Actions

Acknowledging the urgency of the situation, Yogi Adityanath emphasized the need for strict adherence to construction processes, quality standards, safety features, installation protocols, and regular maintenance.

Focus on Lift Safety and Security

The Chief Minister highlighted the critical importance of lift safety, stating that it is a priority for both public and private buildings. He stressed the necessity of bringing a new law into effect promptly to address the gaps in the current regulations.

Lift Accidents in Noida: A Cause for Concern

Noida has witnessed multiple lift accidents, causing fatalities and injuries. In September, a tragic incident occurred at Amrapali Dream Valley, resulting in the death of nine construction workers. Another incident in December left nine IT professionals injured when a lift in a commercial building in Sector 125 malfunctioned.

Impact on the Community

These incidents have had a profound impact on the local community, leading to increased concerns about lift safety. The government’s swift response and commitment to addressing the issues have been reassuring for residents.

Government’s Response to Noida Incidents

Following the December accidents, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath directed officials to ensure strict compliance with safety measures for lifts. He emphasized that the registration of lifts in both new and existing buildings should be mandatory.

The Urgent Need for Legislation

Given the absence of specific laws addressing lift safety, Yogi Adityanath stressed the urgency of enacting new legislation. He highlighted the necessity of laws applicable to lift construction, installation, operation, and maintenance to ensure compliance and accountability.

Call for Immediate Action

The Chief Minister emphasized the need for swift legislation, applying to all building owners, whether public or private. The proposed law would require registration of lifts, particularly in older buildings, ensuring they adhere to building codes and safety guidelines.

Ensuring Compliance and Accountability

Yogi Adityanath stated that the proposed legislation aims to hold building owners accountable for the safety of lifts in their structures. The registration process will facilitate monitoring and compliance, contributing to a safer environment.

As Uttar Pradesh takes a crucial step towards ensuring lift safety, the proposed bill addresses the gaps in current regulations. The government’s proactive approach, under the leadership of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, reflects a commitment to safeguarding citizens. The proposed legislation, if implemented effectively, is poised to create a safer environment for everyone.