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Unbelievable! Virat Kohli’s Name Linked to a Shameful Record in IND vs SA Match

South Africa’s Lowest ODI Score: India’s Victory Streak in World Cup 2023 Continues

The Cricket World Cup 2023 has been nothing short of spectacular for Team India. With each match, they have continued their unstoppable journey towards victory, leaving no stone unturned. In a recent encounter, India faced South Africa, and the result was a resounding eighth consecutive win for the Indian cricket team. The match not only saw India emerge victorious, but it also witnessed a historical low for South Africa in the ODI format.

Dominating South Africa

The clash between India and South Africa took place at Eden Gardens in Kolkata, where India set a target of 327 runs for their opponents. In response, South Africa’s batting lineup crumbled, managing a mere 83 runs before being bowled out. This victory further solidified India’s position at the top of the points table in the Cricket World Cup 2023, with a significant lead of 243 runs.

A Record-Breaking Defeat

This ODI match marked South Africa’s most substantial defeat in one-day cricket. India’s victory by 243 runs showcased their dominance in the tournament. The last time South Africa faced such a significant defeat was in 2002 when they lost to Pakistan by 182 runs. This victory solidified India’s reputation as the leading force in the World Cup.

South Africa’s Lowest ODI Score

The match against India has now become synonymous with South Africa’s lowest ODI score in the history of one-day cricket. Only managing to score 83 runs, South Africa’s performance pales in comparison to their previous achievements. Notably, they had scored more than 300 runs in the tournament before this match, but they couldn’t even reach Virat Kohli’s individual score of 101 runs in this game.

Virat Kohli’s Stellar Performance

Virat Kohli, India’s cricket captain, played a crucial role in India’s victory. He delivered an outstanding performance, scoring 101 runs, marking his 49th ODI century and his 79th international century overall. His exceptional innings demonstrated his consistency and prowess as one of the world’s top batsmen.

South Africa’s Unwanted Record

South Africa’s performance in this match left them with an unwanted record – the second-lowest score in ODI cricket. The only team that had a lower score than South Africa in ODI history was Australia, who were bowled out for just 69 runs against India in 1993. South Africa has now suffered the same fate three times, all at the score of 83 runs.

A Historic Low for South Africa

This defeat is undoubtedly a low point for South African cricket in the ODI format. Their score of 83 runs places them alongside England, who were also bowled out for the same score in 2008 and 2022, and India, who achieved a similar score in Delhi in 2022. It’s a record that South Africa would certainly want to forget.


India’s victory over South Africa in the Cricket World Cup 2023 marks a significant moment in cricket history. Not only did India maintain their winning streak, but they also witnessed a historical low for South Africa in the ODI format. With this remarkable performance, Team India continues to be a dominant force in international cricket.