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UK to recruit maths, science, language teachers from India


Indian maths, science and language teachers are in great demand in the UK these days. A large number of teachers are being recruited from India and Nigeria by the UK government under the International Relocation Payment (IRP) scheme. Under this scheme for the recruitment of teachers in England Rs. 10 lakhs is paid. This year maths, science and language teachers have been brought to the UK from India and Nigeria. There are plans to recruit from other countries as well. Paul Whiteman, general secretary of Britain’s National Association of Head Teachers, said recruiting foreign teachers in this way is a temporary solution. Whitman said a campaign was launched in March to recruit 400 such teachers from around the world for a year as temporary substitutes.

What is the International Rehabilitation Payment System?

The International Relocation Payment System has been launched on a pilot basis for the academic year 2023 and 2024. In which jobs are offered by Britain to foreign teachers. Their visa cost, immigration health surcharge and other migration costs will be borne.

Recruitment of teachers from this country

India, Ghana, Singapore, Jamaica, Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe.

What should be the qualification?

Eligible teachers should be graduate. Must hold a recognized education and training qualification. Must have one year experience. Must have English speaking skills at graduation level. They will be given a UK work visa along with a job offer. Annual Rs. 27 lakh or up to 27,000 pounds will be paid.